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Burried under this [ar|net]duino shield is a .net micro framework netduino 2 Plus. Note the LM34 temperature sensor. I have Phidgets on a LAMP stack, a Parallax Spinneret micro controller and hopefully RSN a Raspberry Pi data logger too.

You can read, amongst to many gramatical errors for me to sleep well, a little history about HomeAmation (formerly ePhidgetY) and the data formats you will need to create with your data logger to allow HomeAmation, available in the Windows phone store here, to read your data. A Windows 8 Store application is available here

HomeAmation Windows 8 store application Netduino data logger Windows Phone Homeamation app

You can build this at home and read data from it with the @HomeAmation windows phone application. Check out the About page for additional screen captures of the windows phone application.

  1. Getting Started
    HomeAmation is a Windows 8 and a Windows Phone application that will display current, summary and historical temperature data from a data logger that you can build. Samples in Netduino, Parallax Propeller and RaspberryPi. Learn more about HomeAmation
  2. Get the App!
  3. Make your own data logger
    Create your own data logger that can display data to HomeAmation. HowTo blog posts availabe RSN.... Learn moreā€¦